Bread Case Study

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How a major bread manufacturer was able to increase profitability by producing their own syrup.

Bread Case Study

The Problem:

A major manufacturer of bread and dinner rolls wanted to control quality and improve productivity by buying dry sugar and producing their own 68° Brix syrup, rather than purchasing liquid sugar.

Our Approach:

Semi-Bulk Systems designed a Process XStreamlining Solution that:

  • Utilized our patented Vacucam® MOT Batch Sugar Liquefication Process
  • Leveraged Semi-Bulk’s dry handling expertise with a dry sugar delivery from our state-of-the-art bulk bag unloader.
  • Customized a 35 foot and 3 dry hopper design.
  • Provided the capability to produce syrup off-line and on off-shift with minimal resource allocation, saving additional labor costs.

The Results: We delivered Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs by eliminating the need to purchase liquid sugar.
  • Provided the ability to control liquid sugar quality through in-house production.

To see if you can sweeten your profits, contact us to determine if we can help improve your production capacity and quality using our patented VACUCAM® mixing technology.