RTD Non-GMO Sugar Case Study

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Ready-to-drink beverage manufacturer increased profitability and quality by batching their own non-GMO sugar liquefication.

RTD Non-GMO Sugar Case Study

The Problem:

This manufacturer of ready-to-drink beverages wanted to supplement their purchasing of liquid GMO sugar with the ability to batch non-GMO sugar, at 55-58” Brix syrup, from bulk bags.

Our Approach:

To meet their sugar liquefication goals, Semi-Bulk Systems engineered a customized solution including:

  • Utilized Vacucam® Mixer on Tank (MOT) Batch Sugar Liquefication Process.
  • A dry handling solution delivering dry sugar from our unique Bulk Bag Unloader with a 2.7 foot cubed dry hopper design including load cells.
  • A modified liquefication skid design that allowed the manufacture to produce the required non-GMO liquid sugar on a batch basis with a small plant footprint.

The Results: We delivered Our Performance Guarantee that:

  • Self-manufacturing of non-GMO liquid sugar.
  • Limited space usage.
  • Short batch cycle times.
  • Reduced inbound syrup transportation costs.
  • Reduced raw material cost by buying non-GMO sugar on the open market.
  • Managed risk of syrup quality by using own treated water.
  • Effective collaboration with manufacturer’s contract engineers for smooth commissioning and start up.

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