Semi-Bulk Systems Success Stories

Semi-Bulk Systems can help you optimize your process efficiencies and achieve lower manufacturing costs. We offer the most efficient and modular processes for Powder Handling and Powder/Liquid Mixing - a TOTAL Solution!

Semi-Bulk Systems can help you accomplish each of the following goals for your business using our unique Process XstreamLining technology for dry liquid blending automation!


See how we have developed modular engineered process solutions involving dry ingredient handling and dry/liquid mixing systems for a variety of manufacturers of Dairy, Food, Beverage, Meat Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial products.


Ice Cream Mix Success Story: Processes a capacity of 25 million gallons per year with excess processing time available for additional process opportunities.

Ice Cream Success Story: Achieved higher capacity with higher batch-to-batch consistency

Maltodextrin Success Story: Reduced cycle times by 70%. Increased capacity by 200%.

Milk Reconstitution Success Story: Reduce Batch Processing Times by 65%.

Milk Rehydration Success Story: Reduce process time by 90%, 38 minutes vs. 6.5 hours!

Thickeners Success Story: Reduced Batch Times by 80%, Increased Capacity by 400%

Non-Fat Dry Milk Reconstitution Success Story: Batch times reduced by 80%


Sugar Liquefication Success Story: Realized a Capital ROI in Less Than One Year!

Sweeteners Case Study Process XstreamLining™ solutions to help customers who struggle with inefficiencies when handling and mixing their sweetener ingredients.

RTD Non-GMO Sugar Case Study Ready-to-drink beverage manufacturer increased profitability and quality by batching their own non-GMO sugar liquefication.


Ready To Drink Beverage Success Story: Increased plant capacity with improved batch-to-batch consistency.

Nutritional Beverages Success Story: Increased Capacity by greater than 120% allowing consolidation of multiple plant operations and significant improvement in manufacturing costs.

Lactose Hydration Nutritional Beverages Success Story: Nutritional beverage company updates their lactose hydration process.

Nutritional Beverages Ingredient Automation Success Story: Co-packer of nutritional beverages increases efficiencies by automating the batching of multiple dry and liquid ingredients.

Hard Seltzer Brewing Case Study One of the country’s largest brewers significantly ramps up production of hard seltzers.


Bread Success Story: Reduced manufacturing costs by eliminating the need to purchase liquid sugar.

Multi-Product Capabilities Success Story: Incorporated 50+ powders producing dozens of different products.

Food Starch Manufacturing Success Story: Achieved a higher production efficiency for starch slurries.


Pigment Dispersions Success Story: Increased plant capacity by 400% while reducing personnel by 30%.

Paint Thickeners Usage Success Story #1: Reduction in batch cycle times and a 20%+ reduction in thickener usage.

Paint Thickeners Usage Success Story #2: Reduction in batch cycle times and a 10%+ reduction in thickener usage.

Functionalizing Gums & Thickeners Success Story: 99% batch consistency and eradication of finished batch adjustments.

Power Plant Flue-Gas Desulfurization Success Story: Slurring pulverized limestone for FGD at a rate in excess of 1000#/minute.

Chemical Soda Ash Success Story: 30% soda ash solution created efficiently at high- or low-capacity.

Paper Powder Cellulose (CMC) Success Story: Shortened batch time by 50%. Reduced CMC usage by 15%.

Pet Care Manufacturing Success Story: Achieved a higher production efficiency for starch slurries.


Soaps & Shampoos Success Story: Increased capacity and created production efficiencies with no reduction in batch-to-batch consistency.

Soap Additives Success Story: How a Fortune 50 health and beauty manufacturer minimized batching times and maximized hours of operation even with abrasive ingredients.

Silica Manufacturing Success StoryMajor silica producer changed packaging mix while maintaining operator safety.