Sugar Liquefication

Semi-Bulk Systems can help you optimize your process efficiencies and achieve lower manufacturing costs. We offer the most efficient and modular processes for Powder Handling and Powder/Liquid Mixing - a TOTAL Solution!

Process sugar in bulk with a sugar liquefication process that easily scales as you need it.

Semi-Bulk Systems offers modular sugar liquefication processes to provide the most efficient process to meet your requirements NOW and for the FUTURE.  semi-bulk-sugar-liquefication-processes

The modular schematic matrix of process options address SBS’ capability to provide the complete turnkey process design.  From the total dry side capability with bulk bags, with bulk truck or bulk rail unloading, silo storage, conveying and transfer to process area.  The total expertise of dry side handling will provide all of the safety design considerations to meet new explosion design guidelines, humidity control in storage and bulk conveying of dry ingredients.  Experience in bulk bag handling and rapid handling unload stations compliment our “total solution” for sugar handling and also offers options for additional utilization of the system for other bulk bag ingredients. 

The Semi-Bulk Sugar Liquefication Process system is available on a pre-packaged modular skid in three process options: Automated Dynamic Continuous Steady State, Automated Batch/Continuous Batch, and Automated Dynamic Batch.  SBS will help you select the process based on your capacity and existing process needs and logistical requirements of your facility.

Sugar Liquefication Processes:

  • Batch / Continuous Batch – MOT
  • Dynamic Batch Station –DBBS
  • Dynamic Continuous Steady State w/ Heat Regeneration- DCSS w/ Pasteurization option

Sugar Liquefication Continuous Steady State

The Dynamic Continuous Steady State Sugar Liquefication Process is available in 8.1 MT/Hr (~18,000#/Hr), 13.6 MT/Hr (~30,000#/Hr) and 19 MT/Hr (~42,000#/Hr) standard dry capacity units and is designed to receive and liquefy dry sugar to the desired set-point Brix value. (Higher capacity units are available to meet higher production demands.  These units are fully automated and make maintaining quality control easy. Dry sugar and liquid are mixed in the Ejector Mixer, and feedback from the hot water proportioning valve, which responds to the liquid density meter, controls the addition of makeup water to maintain syrup concentration within specified control limits. After the finished syrup is delivered to the tank, the transfer pump acts in response to the tank level set-point and will pump finished syrup to storage to maintain tank level set-point while the recirculation valve and density meter allow the tank to be circulated until the minimum set-level and Brix level set-point are reached and maintained.  The liquid side of the process is available on two modular skids for a convenient and small footprint placement.  The system incorporates integral heat regeneration to continually provide heated process water to the mixing unit. 

Sugar Liquefication Dynamic Batching Station

The VACUCAM® Dynamic Batch Sugar Liquefication Process receives and liquefies 8.1 or 13.6 MT/Hr of dry sugar to the desired Brix level. The process is used for lower production requirements and has a lower initial cost than the Dynamic Continuous Steady State Process. Sugar can be supplied from paper bags, bulk bags, bulk silo, or bulk trailer.  Unlike the Steady State Process, the system is supplied with heated process water and does not require heat regeneration since the finished syrup will be at storage temperature. The single modular Dynamic skid incorporates the Ejector Mixer which is mounted on the de-aeration mix tank positioned beside the dry sugar feed option. One pump continues to supply recirculation liquid to the mixer to convey and liquefy sugar.  The second pump recycles the syrup through the density meter and back into the mix tank until the targeted brix level is reached, then the divert valve will transfer the syrup to a batch tank or to process.  The batch is generally made at a higher set point than required so the brix level is  automatically adjusted with flush water at the end of the batch.

Sugar Liquefication Batch/Continuous Batch

Designed to produce syrup in a self-contained unit and automatically deliver the finished batch to the process surge tank or syrup storage tank, the VACUCAM® Continuous Batch Recycle Sugar Liquefication Process is available in two standard capacities: 7.5 MT/HR (67 Brix) or 10 MT/HR syrup. Like the In-Line Batch Process, this process can be fed from paper bags, bulk bags, or bulk silo. Locate the unit next to the dry sugar supply and add hot water to the batch tank. As either fresh hot water or recycled liquid is fed into the Ejector Mixer, dry sugar is drawn up into the vacuum in the Ejector Mixer and instantaneously dissolved. The syrup is then discharged into the batch tank where Brix level is monitored, stopping the powder feed when Brix level has been reached. The finished batch is then pumped to process or storage tank. When the transfer is complete, the system’s PLC Controls automatically initiates the next batch process.

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