Dry ingredient processing and powder delivery for superior efficiency.

Semi-Bulk Systems multiple dry ingredient automation processes are designed to deliver powder from any package for shipment or from silo storage.  A single process may include multiple bulk bag unload stations, paper bag dump stations and silo delivery to a filter/receiver station.  A single modular Vacucam® Ejector Mixer system will convey and mix multiple ingredients on a sequential basis and deliver the finished slurry to a single batch tank or to any one of several batch tanks.

  • 45 years of experience ranging from small bag unload stations to bulk silo handling
  • Total process solution capabilities from dry to wet side
  • Engineered solutions for each application
  • Dynamically balanced systems to ensure consistent results
  • Automation potential for all options
  • Ability to design to any area classifications
  • Integrated fluidization system for stable, reliable powder flow
  • 304 SS product contact points; Option for 316L
  • Designed for conformance with 3A/USDA code for cleanability

Systems can be designed around any bag and hopper size to match process requirements.

Total Dry Mix Automated Process

  • Single In-Line process to deliver to selected mix tanks
  • Separate dry room from wet area
  • Bulk bag handling of major ingredients, paper bag handling of minor ingredients
  • Multiple bulk bag hoppers for automated powder delivery of all dry ingredients

Dry Side Delivery

  • Paper bags
  • Bulk Bags
  • Bulk Truck
  • Bulk Rail
  • Bulk Silo

The Next Step: Our proprietary Air-Cone® Hopper conditions difficult powders for dependable flow and optimal discharge.

Air-Cone® Hopper

The Air-Cone® Hopper’s ability to condition difficult powders makes it ideal for applications where dependable flow and total discharge are critical. Batch-to-batch variations due to material hold-back are virtually eliminated when it is used as a weigh hopper.

Since the conditioned powder is able to flow freely, the Air-Cone® Hopper is an excellent feed source for vacuum conveyors and for the VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer.

Here’s how the system works

An inner membrane completely covers the surface where product comes into contact with the cone. Low pressure “conditioning” air or inert gas is distributed by an air supply manifold and diffused through the membrane wall. When the dry ingredients are conditioned, they assume the properties of a liquid and can then flow smoothly and accurately into your manufacturing process. This aeration process eliminates some of the typical production problems with difficult powders such as bridging and rat holes.

Unsure if Process XStreamlining can improve your efficiency?

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Customized Process Xstreamlining Solutions

Semi-Bulk Systems, Inc. is considered a true partner in developing specific processes customized to maximize competitive and profitability positions. Our patented processes; our modular skidded approach to provide a Total Solution for both dry side and dry/liquid mixing; and our focus on providing major benefits vs. traditional processes have revolutionized the markets we serve including BeverageDairyFoodHealth & Beauty, Paint & Coatings, Paper, Power Generation, Chemical Manufacturing and more!

Do you need process improvement to increase efficiency, lower process costs, save labor costs, and increase your bottom line? Our Process XStreamlingsm solutions can help you accomplish these goals.

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